Create a Group

Do you have an issue you are passionate about and would like to connect with others who feel the same? Or do you have an initiative or campaign you are working on and would like some help? Creating a group on CaucusRoom is the best way to find like-minded individuals for conversation, support and sharing information! 

To start a group on CaucusRoom:

  1. Click on the “Groups” tab on the CaucusRoom home page.
  2. Click on the “Create a group” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Submit your group idea, including a name, description, and website (if applicable). You must also select your group's category -- if you're unsure, just choose the category closest to what you hope to achieve.
  4. Select your group’s privacy setting:
    • Public groups are listed on the group page and anyone can join.
    • Closed groups are listed but users must request to join and be approved by group hosts before they can see posts and engage with the group. 
    • Secret groups are not listed on the CaucusRoom group page, and users can only request to join if they have been provided a direct link to the group. Resource groups allow all CaucusRoom members to see and "follow" your group, but only group hosts are allowed to create posts and events for the group. All members of a resource group are allowed to comment on group posts. (Sidenote: If you opt for a resource group, please re-select your category to one of the options available only to resource groups.)
  5. Submit your group!

Thank you for creating a group on CaucusRoom! A member of the CaucusRoom team will review and approve your group according to our community standards. 

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