Create a group to host an event

CaucusRoomLIVE is your secure meeting space for freedom-minded organizations
CaucusRoomLIVE offers a revolutionary way to have secure events. You can host hybrid or completely virtual meetings, parties, caucuses and more without sacrificing quality. It comes with a variety of features including screen sharing, live chat, breakout rooms, ballots and more! Plus, it's incredibly easy to use and works on all browsers and devices. 

Creating a group to host your virtual event
Creating or selecting your own group is the first step in hosting your own virtual event. Each group will need its own subscription which can be shared amongst members of the group. This makes it simple for multiple people in the same group to join in on the same event with no additional costs needed. 

Group Types 

Public Your group is publicly listed. Anyone can join in.
Resource Your group is publicly listed. Anyone can join in. Only hosts can add posts and events. Any member can comment.
Closed Your group is publicly listed. Members must be approved by the host.
Private  Your group is unlisted, but anyone with knowledge of the link can still apply to join. Members must be approved by the host.

Closed or Private group access requires host approval
If your group is not listed, you can still allow users to join by providing them with a link. However, it is important to note that all new members must be approved by the host before they are granted access. This ensures that members of the group remain committed to the same cause and ideology and that inappropriate content does not make its way into the group. To ensure only suitable applicants are accepted into the group, hosts will review each prospective member's name prior to granting entry. 

Visitor Access to private groups
Visitors are asked to provide their first name and last name to join closed or private groups. Hosts will assess this information to determine whether or not a person is suitable to join. 

Once an individual has successfully applied and been approved as a member, they will then have access to any group resources or materials including events, chats, posts, and member lists.

Group conduct
It is essential for all new members to understand that their actions within the group can have an effect on others and therefore should conduct themselves accordingly. Hosts will strive to create an atmosphere of respect and understanding among all those involved in order to ensure harmony within the group dynamic. This helps foster an environment where all individuals can collaborate together in pursuit of their shared cause without fear of ridicule or judgment from other members.

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