Live Event Troubleshooting

Having issues with a live event? Here are the most frequent issues and solutions: 

Generally, live events work best on a laptop or desktop. We do not recommend trying to watch a live event on CaucusRoom on a mobile device or tablet, as our live events are not optimized for mobile use, yet. 

Be sure you are watching a live event on an updated browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Brave, or Firefox. Some video sources do not work on Google Chrome, so you may have to switch browsers. 

Video or Audio Trouble 

  • Be sure the audio on your device is on 
  • Check the audio of the video player on CaucusRoom. The audio symbol will vary depending on the source of the video. Most often, you can click the video or hover your mouse over the video and a volume symbol will appear. The volume button could be a speaker or ascending scales. 
  • If you are unable to see the video, try to refresh, especially if it is at the start of the event time. We also suggest you try clearing your cache or try using a different browser. 

Live Chat Issues

The discussion will automatically update with new comments, but if your discussion feed is slow or isn't updating as often, try to refresh often. To refresh the page, click Command+R on Mac or Ctrl+R on Windows. 

If your comment is not showing up right away, refresh the page and try again. 

Users cannot directly reply to other comments. Only group hosts can reply privately to comments. 

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