How to Become a CaucusRoom Member

Thank you so much for you interest in becoming a CaucusRoom Member! Each user automatically becomes a CaucusRoom Visitor. CaucusRoom Visitors can only see public posts and public events on CaucusRoom. There is no ability to comment, react, or see other comments on posts. 

To gain more access to CaucusRoom, you can sign up to become a CaucusRoom member. The first step to becoming a CaucusRoom member is to sign up for CaucusRoom! To sign up, visit and enter your email. 

On the next page, make sure your email is correct and set a password. Then click the box to agree to CaucusRoom Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  

You can either continue as a Visitor or sign up to become a member. 

If you chose to continue as a Visitor, but wish to become a member at a different time, you will see various prompts as you try to navigate around CaucusRoom. Since CaucusRoom Visitors have limited access, a lot of features are only for members. 

By continuing to sign up as a member, you will be taken through the sign up process. 

The first step is to provide your first and last name. Please be sure to enter the name that matches your voter registration. If you go by a nickname, this can be changed later, but we need your legal name to be able to verify your account. Please note that your name will be public to other users. 

You have the option to share your birthday or not. If you choose to not share your date of birth, your sign up will be delayed, as we will mail you a card which may take 7-10 days to arrive. This card has a unique code for you to enter for us to verify your identity. 

We will never share, sell, or otherwise reuse your personal information in any way other than to verify your identity and personalize your experience on CaucusRoom. 

The next step is to establish your neighborhood. Be sure to enter the address where you are registered to vote, as this information is needed to verify your account. Type your address in and select the correct address from the drop down menu. If you have an apartment number, please put that in the Address 2 line. 

Click "Submit," and wait to be verified. The verification process can take a few minutes or a couple days. Please ensure the information you have provided is correct to ensure you are verified as soon as possible. If you have any questions about your sign up, you can update your information at any time or email us at 

If you have any questions regarding your sign up, please email us at 

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