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How to Promote a Post

Promoted posts are a great way to boost your message to CaucusRoom’s fast-growing community!. You can target audiences by specific geographical locations, or target members of specific Cause, Campaign, Newsroom, or Club).

  • CaucusRoom users are verified conservatives- no bots, trolls or anonymous accounts allowed! 
  • This is a great way to advertise your business, club, or advocacy effort with conservatives. CaucusRoom members want to support businesses and causes who support CaucusRoom! 

Getting Started: 

  1. To begin promoting your post, first create your post in a CaucusRoom Campaign/Club/Newsroom/Cause that has “public” access for all CaucusRoom users. Businesses can use the “CaucusRoom Marketplace” Club. All promoted posts must include a link. Add some information about the link and post you are sharing. Be sure your post is relevant to CaucusRoom members. Keep in mind what you would like your outcome of your promoted post to be. This could be sharing important information, promoting an article, promoting a business, or spreading awareness. 
  2. Click the blue “Promoted Post” button to continue to the next step. 


  1. Next, you will see a preview of what your promoted post will look like. You can select any audience by group or geographical location, such as by state or county. You can also select “Target All” to promote to all CaucusRoom members. Please keep in mind that all promotions are subject to approval by CaucusRoom staff and the CaucusRoom council. Don’t forget to select your promotion start and end date. Your promoted post will appear in the home feeds of members in the group or geographical location selected.

    Once you have chosen your targeting information and promotion dates, you can click the green “Next” button to continue.


  1. Now it’s time to set your budget and promotion timeline. The estimated cost is based on the promotion base fee, total members being targeted, and the number of days the promotion will run. As you enter the parameters, you can see an estimate for how much your promoted post will cost. CaucusRoom uses Stripe, an independent payment platform to securely process transactions. CaucusRoom will never store your payment information. Enter in your payment information and then click the green “Submit Payment” button. 
  2. By starting this promotion, you agree to pay this calculated amount. CaucusRoom will not charge you until either a) after the promotion is complete or b) on the 1st of each month for the total number of days promoted to that point. Charges will show up as “CaucusRoom, LLC” on your card statement. 
  3. Your promoted post has been submitted! Once your promoted post is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. You can also email to inquire about the status of your promotion.
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