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How to Promote Your Group on CaucusRoom

Boost the membership of your Campaign/Cause/Newsroom or Club through our new “Promote Group” feature. With a few easy clicks, CaucusRoom will suggest your group to hundreds or thousands of real conservatives so you can grow your audience quickly! 

Why grow your Movement on CaucusRoom? 

  • CaucusRoom is doubling in size every three months- your movement can grow right along with us!
  • When you post an update in your Group, all group members will receive that update in their daily CaucusRoom Notification emails. Those emails get a 60-80% open rate! 
  • CaucusRoom members are already screened to ensure they are verified people who support our community values- no bots, trolls or anonymous accounts. 
  • You can target your promotion to specific geographic areas, or around specific interests. This is a great and affordable tool for state and local candidates to build their team of activists and supporters!
  • The best part: You’ll only pay CaucusRoom for each successful referral. There’s no downside.

Getting Started: 

  1. To begin promoting your group, you will need to create a group you want to promote or go to your already existing group. This is your group dashboard. On the right hand side, you will see a Group Host Tools section.
  2. Click the blue “Promote Group” button to begin promoting your group. 


  1. You’ll see a preview of what your promotion will look like to CaucusRoom members. On this screen, you will be able to write the Post Body, select geographical targeting and/or group targeting. If you would like to target all CaucusRoom members, you can simply check the “Target All” box. Don’t forget to set your promotion start and end dates. When you are finished, click the green “Next” button to be taken to the next step. 


  1. From here, you can decide your new member target - in other words, how many new members would you like to join your group. Each new member added to your group through CaucusRoom’s promotion feature will cost $2.00. Now it’s time to enter in your payment information. You can see an estimate for how much your promoted group will cost. The estimated cost is based on the promotion base fee, new member target, and the number of days the promotion will run. CaucusRoom will not charge you until after the promotion is complete, or you will be charged for the total number of members added by the 1st of each month.CaucusRoom uses Stripe, an independent payment platform to securely process transactions. CaucusRoom will never store your payment information. Enter in your payment information and then click the green “Submit Payment” button.
  2. By starting this promotion, you agree to pay this calculated amount. Charges will show up as “CaucusRoom, LLC” on your card statement.
  3. Your promoted grouphas been submitted! Once your promoted group is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. You can also email to inquire about the status of your promotion. 
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