Reporting Offensive Content

What happens when a member reports content? 

  1. CaucusRoom’s team is notified who reported the content and the reason.
  2. The reporting user will receive a message indicating their report has been successfully submitted.
  3. The content is removed from the reporting member’s feed.
  4. In a short period of time, the CaucusRoom team will review the content to determine if it really does violate any of our Community Rules.

a. If it does not violate the Community Rules, the post will stay up. The person who reported                           the content will not see it, but they also will not likely receive any follow up on the matter.                             They can always inquire to to check on the status.

b. If it does violate the Community Rules, the post will be deleted. Repeat offenders might                               face additional penalties, such as a demotion of their membership access.

Alternatives to Reporting Content

  1. Ignore the post. Move on.
  2. “Mute” that user- You will not see their content again. CAUTION: Right now we do not have an “unmute user” option.
  3. Leave the Group. If the Group is prone to discussions or jokes that offend you… it’s probably not a good group for you. Just click on the Group’s name to go to its main page, then select “Leave Group” on the right just under the Group’s logo.
    For Neighborhood (i.e. your local county) discussions, this is not an option— so instead, “Mute user” is your best alternative to “Report Content.”
  4. Group Hosts can expel a member from their Group. From the Group’s main page, click “Manage Groups” —-> “Manage Members” —-> then locate the offending member and choose “Suspend”. This even works in “public” setting groups.
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