How to Sign Up Offline

CaucusRoom is a community of conservatives, made by conservatives, where we can gather, network, encourage and mobilize locally. More than that, it is a community of verified users — everyone on CaucusRoom actually is who they say they are.

In order to fulfill that mission, every CaucusRoom user goes through a verification process that requires more information than other social networks. This allows us to ensure the friends and neighbors you interact with on CaucusRoom are truly your friends and neighbors, and helps to keep out bots and those who are not interested in being positive members of our community.

We understand that we ask for quite a bit of personal information and you may not be comfortable sharing your date of birth. We now have offline signups that allow you to sign up without sharing you date of birth. You must still provide the name and address you are registered to vote under. 

How do I sign up without sharing my date of birth?  

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email 
  3. Set up your password 
  4. Continue signing up as a Member. Offline sign ups are only available to users who sign up for member status. 
  5. Enter in your legal first and last name as shown on your voter registration, as we will need this information to verify your account. 
  6. Select the box that says "I prefer not to share my date of birth"

  7.  Proceed through the sign up process 

By selecting the offline sign up option, we will send you a unique token in the mail, which will arrive between 5-10 business days. When you receive that letter, please follow the instructions in it to complete your account setup. 

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