Create a Group

Don't find a group that interests you? Create a new group! 

To begin, figure out which category your group fits into. Our group categories include: 

Causes - A meeting place for members who care about the same issues but may not be an official campaign or may not be registered to a single locality. Any issue advocacy or issue education committee, 501c organizations such as think tanks and issue advocacy groups make great Causes. Or if you just want to start a conversation about an issue or cause, this is the place to start one.

Campaigns - A space for official campaign pages to join and interact with members of CaucusRoom. Any official campaign committee or ballot initiative.

Newsrooms - A clearing house for links to articles, press releases, videos, pictures, emails, traditional news, and social media updates/developments regarding a certain topic or topics within a focused scope. Who makes for a good newsroom? People that publish blogs, magazines, radio shows, podcasts, etc… You can also create an “aggregation” newsroom organized by region or by subject- this is a place to share the news of the day.

Clubs - Any organization of members which is devoted to a certain cause or multiple causes like political party committees, such as a County GOPs, local breakfast clubs, membership clubs, etc.

  1. Click on the group link in the main navigation. 
  2. Click on the green "Create" button in the right hand corner. 
  3. Submit your group idea, including a name, description, and website (if applicable).
  4. Select your group’s privacy setting:
    • Public groups are listed on the group page and anyone can join.
    • Resource groups are publicly listed and anyone can join. Only hosts can posts but any member can comment.
    • Closed groups are listed but users must request to join and be approved by group hosts before they can see posts and engage with the group. 
    • Secret groups are not listed on the CaucusRoom group page, and users can only request to join if they have been provided a direct link to the group. Resource groups allow all CaucusRoom members to see and "follow" your group, but only group hosts are allowed to create posts and events for the group. All members of a resource group are allowed to comment on group posts. (Side note: If you opt for a resource group, please re-select your category to one of the options available only to resource groups.)
  5. Submit your group!

Thank you for creating a group on CaucusRoom! A member of the CaucusRoom team will review and approve your group according to our community standards. 

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