Join a Group: Causes, Campaigns, News, and Clubs

On CaucusRoom, one of the first ways to get involved and have conversations with your friends and neighbors is to join a group! Our groups are separated into four categories to help users find groups easier. The navigation menu will show these categories to help make it easier for you to find your friends and neighbors involved in these groups on CaucusRoom. CaucusRoom already has hundreds of groups doing thousands of things every day!

When you join a group, you not only will be able to view the group's page, but posts from the group will also appear in your mail feed on the CaucusRoom home page. It is a great way to get even more information through CaucusRoom. Please be sure to keep the information you post relevant to the group. If you do not see a group that interests you, you can create a group. If you are not sure what category your group fits in, please reach out to us at and we are more than happy to help! 

Causes - A meeting place for members who care about the same issues but may not be an official campaign or may not be registered to a single locality, including registered non-profits, think tanks, and advocacy groups. 
Campaigns - A space for official campaign pages to join and interact with members of CaucusRoom. 
News - A clearing house for links to articles, press releases, videos, pictures, emails, traditional news, and social media updates/developments regarding a certain topic or topics within a focused scope. 
Clubs - Any organization of members which is devoted to a certain cause or multiple causes but may not (wish to) be officially organized. 

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