Invite Your Organization, Group or List to CaucusRoom

Now it’s easier than ever to add your organization or group your CaucusRoom group through uploading your list onto CaucusRoom and letting us invite them for you! First, make sure you have created a group and it's been approved. Then:

1. Go to your group’s main page and click on “Actions.” From there, scroll and click on “Manage Group.”

2. Click on “Invite Members” in the right sidebar. You can invite your friends over social media and email, or upload their information directly by importing a CSV file. For more information on how to create a CSV file, please click on the following for instructions on how to do this in Excel, Google, Outlook, or Yahoo or AOL

3. Once you have imported your file by dragging or finding the file on your computer, check that all the information is synced with its correct category and upload.

Once that is done, each person on your list will receive a personalized email asking them to join your group on CaucusRoom. After they have clicked through the email and completed the sign-up process, they will be automatically added as a member of your group and redirected to their homepage, where they can explore their neighborhood as well as other groups in addition to seeing your group’s posts.

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