Invite Your Friends to Your Group

Now that you've created a CaucusRoom group and been approved, it's time to invite your friends!

The first step is to share CaucusRoom with your contacts through Facebook, Twitter or Email: 

1. Go to the CaucusRoom homepage and login if you aren't already. 

2. In the upper right-hand corner, you should see a box that says "Share CaucusRoom."

3. Click on the Facebook icon to share CaucusRoom on Facebook, the Twitter icon to share on Twitter, and the email icon to share via email. Each of these buttons will create a pre-filled post, tweet, or email making it easy for you to hit "send" and share! You can also edit the text to include information about your group and why they should join, as well as a direct link to your group by copying your group page's URL.

If you'd rather, we've also drafted a sample email here you can feel free to copy and paste into your email to send to your family, friends and neighbors. Just be sure to include your group's name and a link to the group page!


Dear Friends, 

Every two years, we all gather together in our neighborhood communities to discuss and share our values, sign up to volunteer and contribute towards causes we believe in, and elect representatives who will take our views forward in the nominating process. This is called a Caucus, and while it is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to come together, it only happens every other year.

I’m excited to introduce you to CaucusRoom, a new social network that will allow us to continue our conversations and support each other beyond Caucus night! CaucusRoom is a social network made by conservatives for conservatives, with We the People in mind. They are a community for conservatives to gather, network, encourage, and mobilize locally.

I encourage you to check out the site and to join my group, <<< INSERT GROUP NAME AND URL>>>, so we can interact with each other. CaucusRoom also offers:

  • Daily news updates that matter to us, information about events and ways we can get involved, and resources to help us learn and grow as conservatives.
  • Verified users — no bots or fake profiles allowed! 
  • A focus on ways we can all make a difference locally.

If you have any questions about CaucusRoom or issues with the signup process, please reach out to CaucusRoom directly at

Thank you!

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